About OrbitOS

A fresh operating system for your pc

What is OrbitOS?

OrbitOS is a new operating system based on Arch Linux to bring Linux technology to your pc. With a modern and simple configuration and hassle free software installation it tries to minimize manual configuration.

It will run on any pc with x86-64 architecture (any modern AMD or Intel processors). Because of the nature of rolling release update OrbitOS will always be fresh and will receive security updates and enhancements quickly.

  • x86-64 architecture
  • based on Arch Linux
  • simple configuration management
  • lightweight but powerful UI
  • always up to date

What you can expect

We find that using a Linux based operating system on a pc can be quite frustrating because of all the hassle that comes with packet managing, different desktop environments. In most cases they are also not very visual appealing. And because of their wide variety of configuration options (which are often meant for some niche cases) they are overly difficult to configure.

With OrbitOS we want to bring Linux Desktops to a new level. Enjoy the ease of use that you know from other operating systems on Linux technology. Instead of requiring users to modify complex configurations for simple use cases we try to hide the complexity by using standard configurations that fit most users and provide simple configuration options to users that require specific settings.